Pro Team

This class is by invitation only and designed for players who want to join professional players as they practice. It is high-intensity, fast-paced and requires a good level of fitness.  This class exposes players to a large variety of coaching styles and is designed for rapid improvement.  There will be up to 12 pros and 12 guests per session. To request an invitation, please contact us before purchasing

Learn to play

The Learn to Play is designed to give you the strongest tennis foundation for rapid efficient improvements. Most of our players jump from beginner to solid intermediate in less than 10 hours.

Fireball Tennis

Fireball Tennis is an engaging full body workout open to both men and women of all skill levels. At Tennis Central we incorporate fast-paced drills in order to achieve the ultimate body workout.

  • Warmup: Dynamic stretching routine to ensure that your body is properly warmed up. 

  • Aerobic Section: Multiple stations set up to develop a strong skill set in the basics of tennis. 

  • Tennis Section: Group tennis games specifically designed to have fun while getting a good workout.

Learn to compete

This class is designed to teach you how to consistently and reliably win at singles and doubles.We focus on developing a reliable serve, consistent ground-strokes, a fearless net game, a solid strategic IQ and resilience. This class is packed with valuable strategic and real-time applications.

Double Trouble

This unique class allows you to improve not only your skills, but also the skills of your child at the same time. With Double Trouble you can experience great coach side by side with your kid in a fun and exciting environment designed to make memories.

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