We are a company run like a business with the heart of a coach.  Our founder, Yann Auzoux, has created a thriving and completely unique tennis business that empowers coaches rather than exploiting them.  Our focus is on delivering quality - not just to our students - but to our coaches too.  We are completely redefining payment structures, bonuses, benefits and more because we don't just want tennis coaches, we want partners.


If this sounds like you, keep reading...

Tennis Central trains, certifies and hires 30-50 instructors every year just for our own facilities. If our vision and culture resonates with you, take 15 minutes to watch the video below and reserve a seat for our introductory training.

Why should you consider a

Tennis Central Certification? 


Marketability: You will be equipped with the best marketing tool available to secure jobs with any tennis program.

Entrepreneurship: You will be trained to run a full-fledged tennis businesses from the get-go with massive financial potential.

Job Opportunities: You will have access to job offerings through our Tennis Central connections and locations.

Benefits: You will have access to benefits that only the best corporations in the world give. 

Support: You will have the full support of our entire team in order to facilitate your success.

Technology: You will be trained on how to use our proprietary software that will put your tennis business on Autopilot.

Our Coaching Power Team


Tennis Central professionals are carefully hand-picked through a

difficult and lengthy vetting process.  Only the best can join us!


Requirements to become a Tennis Central Professional:

  1. Player Credentials: Is or has been a top 10 nationally ranked player selected to a national team with an international ranking 

  2. Coaching Credentials: Can teach Tots and Pros alike and demonstrate an ability to accelerate students' improvement exponentially.

  3. Mentoring Credentials: Must inspire each student to be the best and go the extra mile to guarantee success regardless of talent

  4. Certification & Training: Must complete a rigorous master certification and pass the FITCAP / EDS training program

  5. Tradition of Excellence and Professionalism: Mediocrity is not part of our vocabulary and only those with an excellence mentality are accepted.

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Tennis Central Corp

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