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The tennis central pedigree is unique.

We are inclusive of all walks of life but selective about our tribe. Our entire staff consists of over-achievers who speak multiple languages.

Tennis Central focuses on individuals that believe in adding value and care to all the projects they take on. They are creative disrupters with a go-getter mentality who will find a way or make one. They are improvement driven.

If your tennis and graduation credentials are exceptional and you always try to improve the lives around you, come join the Tennis Central Family.

To schedule an interview contact with your resume and a brief description of your aspirations and how you want to achieve them with Tennis Central.

We do things differently here, and we are hiring.

We are a company run like a business with the heart of a coach.  Our founder, Yann Auzoux, has created a thriving and completely unique tennis business that empowers coaches rather than exploiting them.  Our focus is on delivering quality - not just to our students - but to our coaches too.  We are completely redefining payment structures, bonuses, benefits and more because we don't just want tennis coaches, we want partners.

our coach partners are:
  • Extremely passionate about their craft.

  • Business-oriented and focused on increasing their value. They understand that success is only achieved when you bring great value to all participants.

  • They are disruptors and share Tennis Central's vision to disrupt the stagnant tennis industry and re-invent and modernize how tennis is learned, played, coached.

  • They are creative.

  • They are actors. They are proactive, hard-working and live in abundance.

  • They are leaders - some have quiet confidence others are more aggressive - but they all embrace the chance to lead and inspire others.

  • They focus on the positive and always have a smile and kind word to share.

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