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Master Pro / Early Childhood & Competition Tennis Specialist

Paula is a certified Master Pro with WTA, ITF, and NCAA experience. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and was captain of her College team. She has worked with the best in the world: Juan Martin Del Potro's, Pico Monaco's coaches in Argentina, and Roland Garros Champion Andres Gomez


Paula has experience working with people of all ages and levels.


Paula specialized as a childhood and adolescent program specialist. Paula believes that strong technical foundations and tactical guidance from a young age are fundamental to develop players' skills and talents on and off the court. 


Paula believes that teaching a sport is more than just teaching a player how to excel at it. When working with a player, she develops skills and talents that will guarantee success professionally and personally.


Paula believes in the importance of working on building self-confidence, resilience, and hard work while embracing and exploiting each unique set of talents that make players who they are.  Paula delivers excellence, and her mission is to help every player create the best version of themselves.

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