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Championship Weekend arrives

Blue Glove Open: Week 17

It will be a final fit for kings, Sunday evening in primetime, just as it was meant to be. JT Mathura withstood a stern test from Bora Barclay 8-6 to book his ticket in the Group A Final. Jeremy Chud, thanks to his 11 wins, was already waiting for him.

Shed no tears for Alvaro Orlove who in just his second season after earning promotion navigated his way to within a few games of second place. Surely he'll be knocking at the door again in the seasons to come, and only improving. But while the league awards those who play often, it was perhaps a reminder that winning percentage still plays a major factor. Chud and Mathura reached the same level that Orlove did, but in fewer attempts.

Group B's Valentine Parrella may have had a chance to make the final going into this weekend, but Yael Lan's signature win over Orlove last week---though he was returning from injury, to be sure---solidified her spot without needing a result against Lukas Nuxoll this weekend. Parrella took care of business anyway by avenging an 8-3 loss to Barclay with the same result, flipped.

Yet perhaps it was too little too late for him and for Nuxoll, who is our Player of the Week for reminding Yael Lan and the rest of us that the league's depth is considerable. His first Group B win, 7-4, came at the expense of one of its finalists.

With no availability for players in Group C or D this week, the finals will be contested next week, or the honors will fall to the next-highest-ranked players. Asher Roush gunned for the Group D finals spot, and even though coming up short (he needed two wins, and fell to David Gong), his showing against Group C opponents and wins over the potential Group D champions make a strong case for his promotion.


Group A: Jeremy Chud v JT Mathura, Sun, 9 pm

Group B: Renata Cavallo v Yael Lan, Sat, 6 pm

Group C: Ariana Ipakchi v David Gong, April 8-10

Group D: Elina Ipakchi v Julia Ross, April 8-10

Join us for our race to Decision Day (March 25-27) and WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND (April 1-3) when the Group Finals will be played. Continue the journey through the winter with our outdoor BGO matches, Bethesda CC indoor training and matches, and our BGO-fueled Travel Team Plus!

BGO Power Rankings - April 1, 2022

Currently registered players among the top 50 overall.

BGO Winter Group Standings - April 1, 2022

Top two from each group automatically qualify for group final.

Players are ranked by points (three for win, one for draw), then wins, percentage of games won, and games won.

Game scores are not included for wins by higher group players against lower group players.

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