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Constantino wins major with one week left


8/21-22 - USTA 16U

Benjamin Constantino had to face Louis Constantino before battling in a championship-deciding tiebreaker 12-10 against Raymal Marek to win the second major of the season.

200 points richer, Constantino leads the 16U age group and is in pole position for The Tour Championship starting September 10. However, a lot can change this weekend, since the final tournament on the schedule is the USTA 16U event.

Because the 16U age group has fewer players than the other groups, many of the top finishers from last week's major have shot up the rankings. Joining Constantino in the Top 6 qualifying spots are Jeh-Lei Fan, who took third place last weekend, and Kenny Przychodzen, whose exploits in other age groups and entry into the major now place him in second at 16U.

That final tiebreak may prove crucial. Marek's 100 points place him ninth in the rankings. A good showing this weekend could see him (who needs 40 points) or Christopher Tower Morris (who needs 20) easily overtake Jeremy Chud, the man on the bubble. Closest is William Van Horne---just two points behind Chud.

The ladies' champion, Ellen Bu, was decided by game difference, as she and Nishtha Srivastava both topped their groups. Both now await the Tour Championship, though a number of entrants this weekend stand to join them.

At 10U, one tournament remains: the UTR tournament this weekend. Leo Berger and Valentina Rosales lead the boys and girls, respectively, and look safe. Asher Roush and Isabelle Savvas are already lined up to play, and they are hungry for the points: Asher is 30 points behind Kavian Moinfar, the last man in to the Tour Championship as it stands, while Savvas is 15 behind Alexandra Heberle, the sixth lady on the invitee list.

But that's not all. Both Adam Tehrani and Azaria Shetty sit closer to the top six than Roush or Savvas. And the more who sign up, the more points that will be awarded.

10U and 16U may be in upheaval, but each of these tournaments could affect the other, more stabilized age groups, since points from every tournament carry over to each age group. Constantino and Przychodzen were not even on the 16U list until they competed in the major. A bubble player like Luke Mearns (13 points behind Zi Yang) at 18U could earn his way in with a stellar performance at the 16U this weekend.

The full tables now look like this.

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September 10-11 - THE TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP - Sign up, Top 6 automatically qualify

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