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Orlove fends off hard-charging Green to stay atop Group B

Perhaps baseball is good for tennis. Multi-sport athlete Alvaro Orlove maintained his first-place position in Group B when his match against William Green was halted because of time just as Orlove pulled ahead 6-5. Now 4-0 in group play, he's very likely poised for the final.

But with whom? Green (2-3) still has every chance to be the one, but he'll need help. Taking out Group A's Eilzabeth Vilardo this weekend, Sasha Brooks has pole position there with a 3-1 record. Solomon Ravitz (2-0) also kept pace with an impressive, close win over Zain Khaishgi.

With Gus Fisher (2-1) defeating Anya Husain and Margot Stavropoulos (2-1) on a bye week, that's five players with a legitimate shot at a date with Orlove in the final.

Many of the Blue Glove Open players fit in other sports around their BGO schedule--indeed one of the perks of the league. Orlove has had to juggle doubleheaders and distance running races with his tennis. Cole Piraino, for an other example, plays lacrosse, and he stands just three points out of a possible final spot in Group C.

In both the top league and Group D, we were treated to a much-anticipated clash between leaders. Unbeaten Darius Vedadi made his case for the final, beating previous unbeaten Zoey Verbesey (who also plays lacrosse).

Meanwhile, Renata Cavallo cemented her top spot in Group D by playing magnificently in a 8-1 win over Tomas Mulita, who despite the loss remains in second place and hopes for a final rematch.

There's still time to sign up! Even if you can't get all five matches in before June 13, your five-match pack will carry over to the summer season. Sign up or ask our tournament director any of your questions.

The BGO Power Rankings are accumulated over multiple seasons. Meanwhile, the group standings reset each season and determine the season finalists. Find both below.

Less than three weeks left until CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND, when group finalists square off for each group title. The race is on!

BGO Power Rankings - May 25, 2021

Currently registered players among the overall top 50 only.

BGO Group Standings - May 25, 2021

Top two from each group automatically qualify for group final.

Players are ranked by points (three for win, one for draw), then wins, percentage of games won, and games won.

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