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Singh leads The Return of BGO

Blue Glove Open: Fall 2022, Week 1

The BGO is back with a vengeance. Veera Singh won her first two BGO matches, against Sebastian Parvizian and Kiran Mathura, to take a lead in the standings after Opening Weekend. Singh was tested most by Mathura in BGO Primetime, with 8-4 the scoreline.

Her two wins mean Veera Singh is named our Player of the Week for Week 1.

Yael Lan, who led her spring group, kicked off the season with Tomas Mulita on Friday night in Primetime at Bethesda Country Club. She prevailed 6-5. Mulita also renewed his rivalry with Ariana Ipakchi the next evening, when the two went the distance. This time it was Mulita emerging at 8-7.

Kevin Parvizian got his first taste of victory in his first-ever BGO match, defeating Ted Wang and rise to the top of Group D. Lara Dabney and Julia Ross also fought to a close finish. Dabney took the win 5-3 to tie group leader Parvizian on points.

"I want to play as often as possible!" said AJ Mangin, and he meant it with a semifinal trip in the Sweet Spotter Series tournament this weekend and a BGO match that he lost to David Gong, 8-2.

The new Fall BGO Season begins! Join us on our RACE TO CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND when the Group Finals will be played. Continue the journey through the fall and winter with our outdoor and indoor BGO matches, our BGO-fueled Travel Team Plus, and the new USTA and UTR tour---the Sweet Spotter Series.

Each weekend Tennis Central hosts two USTA or UTR tournaments. Earn points for reaching each successive round just like at the ATP/WTA Tour, and qualify for the season-ending TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP, all while earning USTA and UTR points too. If you love the BGO, you'll love the Sweet Spotter Series.

Upcoming Sweet Spotter Series Schedule


10/23 12U UTR

10/29 10U UTR

10/30 14U UTR


11/6 12U UTR

11/13 14U UTR

11/19 18U UTR

11/20 10U UTR

BGO Power Rankings - Sept 30, 2022

Overall top 25.

BGO Spring Group Standings - Sept 30, 2022

Top two from each group automatically qualify for group final.

Players are ranked by points (three for win, one for draw), then wins, percentage of games won, and games won.

Game scores are not included for wins by higher group players against lower group players.

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