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Yann: Mastering the game as a teen or adult

Yann's Series on Tennis Teen and Adult Accelerated Mastery


TAAM: Teen and Adult Accelerated Mastery. For those who learned the game after the defining time of puberty but nevertheless reach for the same high goals.

There's a premium on getting started tennis and mastering the game before puberty. But if you don't, all is not lost.

You just need the right guidance. A coach with the expertise to recognize the differences between child and teen players.

There's no time to waste, and you can't do it all. You need to focus on the aspects of the game that will realistically maximize your potential. 

So far in our series, we've been focusing on pre-puberty mastery. Now let me address Teen-Adult Mastery.

In my first of this TAAM Series, I want to give you an overview of what you need to accomplish. Then we can dive into more.

In my new series on Teen and Adult Accelerated Mastery, I'm exploring the reverse side of the Pre-Puberty Mastery coin. If it's so important to master the game as a young child, what can you do to accelerate your mastery as a teen or adult?

And regardless of whether you're looking to help your teen child or to ramp up your own game, we're here to help you set a ROADMAP TO SUCCESS.


TAAM Overview: Teen and Adult Accelerated Mastery

You're going to need a laser-focused itinerary in order to overcome some of the initial setbacks that learning the game at an older game will throw at you. This is how we approach it in our TAAM model.


You cannot make up the time lost to child prodigies. They'll have mastered every stroke in the arsenal and can choose among them.

But you can defeat them by honing one or two huge weapons and funneling play toward them.

Our TAAM coaches fortify your serve, or forehand, or the one true gift that makes you unique.

Too many academies today try to churn out generic players. Your coaching needs to be centered on what makes you stand out.

Overcoming Bad Habits

It takes more effort to stanch and correct the wrong swing patterns, grips, decision making processes than to establish a good one from day one. 

So it takes specialized coaching to get there. 


You can always improve your placement and shot selection.

You can always decide to shape your shots to avoid risk and to penetrate the court, keeping your opponent back or wide.

Even as a teen starting to learn the game.

Volleys / Doubles Skill

An older player's baseline strokes aren't likely to outlast a PPM seasoned kid. And most kids these days are baseliners.

Getting into long baseline rallies, then, is a recipe for disaster.

Taking charge of the length of rallies in a match can be critical for a TAM player. You do this by becoming a strong volleyer and reading when to come to net early. 

Also, most high school singles spots are taken by PPM studs. To make varsity, you need to Moneyball it---see what positions are undervalued, and fortify your resume for those.

That means doubles, as so many young kids overlook doubles in their tournament careers. 

A TAAM-certified coach will get you on the accelerated path to accomplishing these goals. Set your ROADMAP now with me!

Schedule Your ROADMAP Call Now

with Yann Auzoux, CEO of Tennis Central

If you want to reach your goals in tennis, you need a roadmap to success. Schedule your ROADMAP Call with me, Yann Auzoux, CEO of Tennis Central.

It's about what YOU want in your tennis life.

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