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Yann's PPM Series: Racquet Unity

Yann's Series on Tennis Pre-Puberty Mastery

Episode 2: Racquet Unity

It's well documented that children have the brain wiring to learn things quickly before they reach a certain age. How long you have is typically determined by the skill in question.

That's why prodigies in music and chess emerge from toddlerhood.

For something that involves more kinetics than just moving the fingers, the sweet spot can be up to around age 12.

But it has to be before the big jump: puberty. It has to be before a child essentially starts to grow into a new body.

Our pedagogy of Pre-Puberty Mastery encompasses this and takes advantage of this fact.

There is a finite period in a child's life where learning the game produces maximum results. This is due to a lot of factors: neurological, social, physiological, psychological, and more.

That's also why at Tennis Central one of our main focuses is on adapting our pedagogy based on where along the PPM timeline a player is. All of our coaches are PPM certified.

In this series, we'll explore one particular of the myriad reasons why you need to master the game before puberty. And if your child hasn't, it's not too late – if his or her coaches understand how to attack making up for the lost time.

PPM Reason 2: Racquet Unity

Have you noticed how much smoother a true tennis player's strokes are than those of an adult who's picked up the game later in life?

In a master practitioner's hands, the tennis racquet is nearly an extension of the arm.

You might think it's just down to all the countless hours of practice. And that's part of it. But when those hours of practice took place is an even bigger part of it.

How is just as important. You need a PPM certified coach to teach the perfect technique. Only perfect practice makes perfect. That's where Tennis Central coaches come in.

The muscle memory that's developed in early childhood must be an ironclad technical foundation.

Based on more than drilling and repetition. Tennis Central builds this foundation through emphasis on high-intensity, engaging, and competitive training.

Perfect for children to absorb the perfect technique. Situational training where young players are conditioned to produce the proper mechanics with age-appropriate coaching based on the precepts of PPM.

Without it, the outcome is clear.

Adult players who have mastered other sports may have the hand-eye coordination to hit the ball on the sweet spot consistently and with power. 

But their swings can often look clunky and robotic compared to the smooth, arcing, elegant strokes of someone who learned the game younger.

It may not be as noticeable as Charles Barkley's golf swing, but you can tell.

Adult players can also show great court awareness. But the touch on their drop shots and slices can still read like a letter from a non-native speaker. The ease, the confidence, and the subtlety is missing.

You are aiming not just for literacy, but for mastery. Don't miss your window.

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