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This vibrant county gave us the opportunity to showcase our know-how to its youth participants during the summer. After a successful community launch, we were re-invited and promoted to activate one more facility and multiple more weeks.


One thing is certain, Caring is contagious!

This partnership is only offered during the summer. 
Take advantage of it while it lasts.
We offer the following youth summer programs at Yorktown High School and Bluemont Park
  • Spartans Plus (7 to 9 years old)
  • Titan Training (10 to 14 years old)
  • Academy (14 to 18 years old)
Summer should be filled with great memories.

Yorktown HS:
2700 N Greenbrier St

Arlington, VA 22207

Tel: 240-586-2374

Bluemont Park:

847 N Manchester St, Arlington, VA 22205.

Tel: 240-586-2374

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