Tennis Central guarantees Fast Improvements.

The secret to our success is summed up in one sentence.

practice & competition

make you perfect!

Without the competition, players never adjust to the stress and pressure of each point being relevant in the outcome of a match.
Players who compete improve 4 times faster than the rest.
Tennis Central is serious about your development and honest about how to get you there. Just like our teaching process, our competitive methodology transforms rookies into rock stars.
For this reason, we offer a variety of convenient and powerful options designed to enhance your game and belief in yourself.
We are all very busy in today’s world. Tennis should adjust to your schedule and not the other way around.  We have created activities and events that blend quality, convenience, performance, access, tracking, and rewards.



3-hour Swift UTR

Regular tournaments take forever to complete and offer no guaranteed timeline. Forget about it. Join our official events that count towards your Universal Tennis Rating with convenience and predictability.

everybody wins!

Winter Travel Team

Let’s face it!  Young players fear competition. We understand their feelings and know how to help them cope with the transition from practice to competition. Our Winter Travel Teams offer the most popular process to go from Zero (experience) to Hero. 

Yes! Your child too can do it!

Case Study: Last year’s batch of players saw 92% of the participants make their high school team in their first attempt.


U14 National Team Tryouts

American Idol finally meets tennis. Why spend years hoping to reach the top when you can propel your game to the World stage in 2 weeks. Introducing the Road to Paris Open.

This groundbreaking nationwide talent search take place in all 50 States. U14 players must win their local qualifier to qualify to the National Championships and the winners of that will LEAPFROG straight to the Biggest Stage on earth. The WORLD PARIS OPEN is considered the world championships for U14. Current and Past tennis celebrities have all graced this venue and the next generation of superstars will continue to do so.


U14 National Championships

Not all tournaments are created equal. There is no other single event in the world in any category or age group where one lone tournament can change your FATE.  Introducing the most powerful U14 tournament in the World where the Winners boy and girl Take All. 

A direct acceptance into the Main Draw of the WORLD PARIS OPEN all expenses paid (except airfare). Imagine one event getting you directly into the US Open Main Draw.


National Blossom Open

Adult tournaments lack excitement. We chose to change the status quo by providing a decadent adventure for eager adults who want to challenge all their senses.

The process is simple: Win your Local event and automatically qualify to the National Blossom Open. Once qualified, join the Tennis Central Team for an event that combines Great Tennis, Great People, Great Food, Great Drinks, and memorable visits. 

Tennis should never be just about the Game. 

live your tennis experience!

Teen World Open

The best players in the world typically hint their arrival early in their career. Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Williams sisters, and now Gauf, Zverev, Tsitsipas, and many others. 

The point here is that there is no need for U14, U16, and U18 categories anymore. The Best in the world rise early and play an age free game. 

INTRODUCING the TEEN CATEGORY where the best TEEN players can fight for the Deepest Junior Title in the World. 

age is just a number!

Diplomacy Open

Join this wonderful event to celebrate the World Cultural Wealth. Come to celebrate Humanity through athletics and health. This two-day celebration brings the best health and wellness vendors in the industry for a full weekend of education and discovery capped with a well-timed formal Gala.

let's discover each other!

Streamed College Showcase

Typical college showcases do not maximize player's and coaches’ time and availability. Let’s face it. As a coach, you can only watch one match at a time. For recruitment purposes, there are key moments in a player’s reaction in a point that defines his/her pedigree.

Asking a coach to travel far away to watch 64 different players is simply a waste of time and resources. 

What if your coaches could stay in the comfort of their office and stream matches at their own leisure. Having the power to rewind or fast forward to the relevant plays to evaluate a competitor’s resolve seems like a great idea. 

welcome to the future of college recruitment.
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