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Tennis Central is all about service.

we love to serve

 the services we offer MUST be of the highest value possible without compromise. 
You have little time and we respect that. Let us do the hard work for you and bring you the best.
raCquet customization

Buying a high-quality tennis racquet without customization is like buying a race car with cheap tires and low-grade fuel. You simply DO NOT get the intended performance. There is a reason why the Best Players in the world have their own personal specifications for each racquet they own.


Most stress injuries can be avoided or at least mitigated with the right string blend, overgrip, dampener, and grip ring. Your customized racquet WILL feel like a glove in your hand and perform to Your Exact Desires.

STRING 48 was created to provide you with Professional Grade Racket Services you can afford in less than 48 hours. Convenience and Value should always work in your favor.

Don't restring.
Racquet Customization
equipment &

Tennis Central is YOUR resource for reliable information. The products we endorse and recommend are the same products we would buy for ourselves or our families. You can rest assured that we would not settle for less and leave you in the dark. 

We offer a very selective line of products you are welcome to peruse. 

Additionally, we are happy to give you our honest opinion about other brands we have had an experience with. 

We are also curious and always eager to learn about New Products that fit our mission and values.

Equipment & Apparel

Tennis Central offers a path to a facility directorship. We manage tennis facilities successfully and will train and share our knowledge with the right candidates. Our Directorship Blueprint is a powerful tool for aspiring tennis business leaders.


Additionally, if you need new management for your tennis business or a second opinion, simply contact us at

Facility Management

Our college placement branch follows the same set of rules as our core business. If you provide care and attention, both your clients and your business will be successful. Our College Placement Team is batting 100% in securing college team recruitment for players of all levels and sports.

College Placement

Tennis Central is a multi faceted organization with expertise in IT, Media, and much more. Let us assist you in telling a compelling story that will showcase you and your philosophy best


Whether you are a club in need of a promotional video or a student working on a college recruitment reel, we can help.

Video Services

You own a private court but it is never used. Let us show you what is possible in your backyard. From personal instruction to socials, we've got you covered. Our expertise covers court construction to event management and we would be delighted to assist you.

Home Court Services

Tennis Central is a forward thinking organization with professionalism in mind. Our tennis central mobile application will connect you with like minded players worldwide. Whether you use Apple or Android, you will seamlessly connect with players from the comfort of your home or office.

Mobile Applications


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