Tennis is the perfect traveling sport. It is international and well represented worldwide. The world is full of dreamy destinations and tennis is the perfect reason to visit them all.

Introducing our


 where you see the world through your passion for Tennis. 

Paris is the most traveled city in the world and the U14 World Championship host city.
Through our Leapfrog experience, U14 players can play in the biggest tournament of their lives while visiting historical sites they only read in books. It is the perfect athletic, educational, and cultural experience for aspiring pro players.
Making life altering memories each year is how we should live.
Through our GLAMP experience, participants get to splurge while visiting an exceptional destination and playing the best tennis of their lives. Imagine Hollywood Glamour meets Tennis in the French Riviera. Villas, private chefs, exclusive excursions, and fine dining and shopping are all on the menu. 
Giving back is an important aspect of our civic responsibilities. It is also a requirement for most high schools to graduate. Today’s school schedules are more demanding than ever and standing out in the college admission crowds requires exceptional skills and experiences. 
Kids who complete service hours are sought after because they show generosity, selflessness, and a desire to provide value for others who have far less. 
Unfortunately, the spirit of serving is often crushed because of lack of empowering options. Kids are typically forced to serve in programs they don’t like just to get the service hours and lose their affection for helping along the way. 
Tennis Central offers the perfect service trip for Tennis Lovers. You can serve a needy tennis community and practice your own serve at the same time. No need to jeopardize your own development while trying to assist the development of others. It is the perfect Win Win formula for SERVING.
Today’s tennis players have far less time to develop then their predecessors. Women have an average of 1 ½ hour per day for personal time and men about two hours. Considering that the average time it takes to schedule tennis is 47 minutes, that the most common length of a game is one hour, and the most common commute is 30 minutes; the math does not add up.
A woman would have to waste 47 minutes to book a 1-hour practice and commute an average of 30 minutes to play that hour of tennis.
Basically, tennis is a time drain for the very people who already have so little time to waste. 
Introducing Tennis Central’s TOTAL TENNIS TRANSFORMATION where you can book a dedicated one-week Complete Game Overhaul. We know how fast a player can improve, and our job is to instill Strategy, Technique, Foresight, Footwork, Experience, Excitement, and Hyper Accelerated Improvement in your tennis life. 
Bradenton Florida has been the best destination for over 40 years for talented players from beginner to the pro level looking to fine tune their game. This venue has been home to the best and most famous players in the world. It exudes excellence and warmth.
Anyone is welcome to participate. All you need to join is a great desire to improve and a timeline you wish to allocate to your development. The rest will be taken care of with the highest level of professionalism and dedication to YOU!

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