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Master Pro & Youth Development Specialist
Portrait of a Confident Man

Antonio originates from France. He holds an FFT Level 1 Coach Qualification. He has extensive experience as a competitor as a junior and an adult in the FFT Tournament program.

As an athlete and tennis coach, Antonio brings his passion for tennis to all, from beginner to expert.  

Antonio has coached tennis in France, Brazil and America from Pre-K to 12th grade students. He is currently the Head Coach of the JV Tennis Team at Georgetown Visitation School in Washington DC. He has helped players of all ages and gender to achieve and exceed their goals.

Antonio is extremely passionate about developing tennis players, their technique and skill level. He brings a mix of a lot of coaching experience and competition to help the students learn and enjoy "the game".


Antonio challenges students to strive for improvement in the tennis game and activates their confidence and competence. His goal is to help you grow, develop, win or learn, and have fun playing the game.

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