This is a mouthful for a powerful new league concept where the teams are small, and the competition is fierce. Let’s face it, no one gets better sugar-coating their progress.

To get better, you MUST face all types of competition, challenging situations, and a variety of styles and formats you will gradually master.  The sooner you do it, the sooner you will own it.

You can take the slow route and get complacent, or you can take the accelerated route, and acquire all the experience you need to WIN or LOSE, but most of all LEARN FAST in one fun-filled season where your results are guaranteed to pay off.

If you are a “NO-EXCUSE” and “NO-LIMIT” kind of player, welcome!  If you are on the fence, GET OVER YOUR FEARS and JOIN the FIREPIT PACK. 

Deep inside we all know that no one likes to improve slowly!

What is it?

The Firepit League is a straight to the point league where you create your Doubles DREAM TEAM to spar  against other teams.  The format is Open so we accept ALL LEVELS. (Substitutes allowed)

The format is 2 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. 

We will host a maximum of 20 teams for Season 1.

Noisy Fireworks No Fun for Pets

When celebrating Canada Day this year, remember that fireworks displays are no fun for pets. The loud, unpredictable noise and flashing light from fireworks can be a source of stress and anxiety for many dogs and cats. As well, the metals and chemicals used in the manufacture of fireworks can be toxic if consumed by a curious pet. The Saskatchewan SPCA suggests keeping your pets indoors on those evenings when fireworks are planned in your area. Before the fireworks start, turn on the TV or play soothing music. Running the air conditioner or fan is another option. Draw the curtains to help minimize exposure to noise and light, or take your pets to the basement, as far away from the unpleasant sounds as possible. You might also consider providing a distraction for your pet such as a favourite toy or food treat. Pets naturally seek small, enclosed spaces when they are feeling stressed. If your pet enjoys being crated, that may be a good option. Your cat may want to find her own special hiding space under furniture or on top of a cupboard. Make sure your pets are microchipped and licenced, in case they manage to escape. Your veterinarian may have other useful suggestions for a severely anxious pet. One final note: Remember that noisy outdoor concerts and public events can also be very stressful for your pet.


A Team Experience at the CITI Open 2021. 

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