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A wild Decision Day names finalists

Blue Glove Open: Fall 2022, Week 11

Former finalist William Green needed a number of wins in the season's penultimate week to have a chance to get to the Group B Final. His sternest test was the long-awaited return of Alexander Toker-Katskee, ranked in the Top 15 of current BGO players even after just one match this season, thanks to his performances in past seasons.

Green won 6-4 to scrape his way into the Final by passing Yael Lan and Tomas Mulita by just one win despite having played fewer matches. The unbeaten Green (9-0) faces Ariana Ipakchi for the Group B championship this weekend and is named the Player of the Week.

Tomas Mulita must have thought his dramatic, tiebreak victory over Miguel Zein, the best match of the weekend, would be enough to carry him to the final. But he finished tied on points with Lan, just one game behind Green after the massive Green-Toker-Katskee result.

The two players with the best overall regular season record will also meet in the Regular Season Championship, somewhat of a consolation for Yael Lan at 8-1, having just been nicked for the group spot. Lan will play Green to determine the best regular season record.

Elina Ipakchi had built up enough of a lead in Group C even though Jake Snow overcame her in his bid for the Group C second final's spot. Snow won 8-3, but it was not enough to pass David Gong, who defeated Devin Leung 8-2.

Both Gong and Snow finished the season with two wins, one behind Ipakchi, but Gong's 8-2 victory over AJ Mangin earlier this year means he takes the tiebreaker of games-won difference. Fan have clamored for a "semifinal" between Gong and Snow, but like the old college football bowl system, a meeting could not be arranged in time.

In Group D, Alex Cana and Ted Wang will meet in the Final. The two were to meet on Decision Day, but the match was canceled. Finn Koski had the chance to overtake Wang at the last, and he defeated Lillian Kowalski, but he also lost to Kate Johnson and finished 150 percentage points behind Wang in the tiebreaker.

Group B Final

William Green v Ariana Ipakchi

Group C Final

Elina Ipakchi v David Gong

Group D Final

Alexandru Cana v Ted Wang

Regular Season Championship

William Green v Yael Lan

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BGO Power Rankings - Dec 8, 2022

Top 15 - Currently registered players.

BGO Fall Group Standings - Dec 8, 2022

Top two from each group automatically qualify for group final.

Players are ranked by points (three for win, one for draw), then wins, percentage of games won, and games won.

Game scores are not included for wins by higher group players against lower group players.

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