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Blue Glove Open soldiers on through rainy third week

Cole Piraino and Alvaro Orlove exchange the blue-glove handshake prior to their Sunday morning contest. Orlove took the hotly fought set 8-6.

Rain could only slow our Blue Glove Open last weekend. There's still time to sign up and get all five matches in! Sign up or ask our tournament director any of your questions.

The BGO Power Rankings are accumulated over multiple seasons and change based on the relative rating of opponents. Also below, you can find group standings after three rounds of play.

It's all a countdown to CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND when group finalists square off for each group title. The race is on!

BGO Power Rankings - May 11, 2021

Currently registered players among the overall top 50 only.

BGO Group Standings - May 11, 2021

Top two from each group automatically qualify for group final.

Players are ranked by points (three for win, one for draw), then wins, percentage of games won, and games won.

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