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Crushers enter Showdown of Unbeatens atop 18U Division

Winter Travel Team 2024 - Week 4 Recap

Standings (click to view):

The most anticipated match up of the season came down to close second sets at singles and a doubles tiebreak.

It pitted the 18U Adv Court Crushers against BTA All-Stars, both unbeaten and tied for first place.

Ilan Faraci and Arthur Rosenstein took the first set from BTA All-Stars at doubles 7-5. After dropping a close, second set, the match went to a tiebreak.

BTA proved that they deserved the one-game lead halfway through the season, taking the tiebreak. Meanwhile, Jon Ozenci and Robert Dorros fought back in their second sets to get to 6-4 at singles and keep the pressure high.

And so everyone is circling the date of March 9, when BTA and the Court Crushers will meet again in the season's final match up, likely to determine the division champion. It's as if NBC flexed the game for maximum drama.

Court Commanders positioned themselves nicely just behind the 14U Adv first-place Match Mavericks, who had the weekend off. Beatriz Pilotti held on after winning the first set 6-0 to defeat Sophie Beg 6-4 in the second.

It was a vital fixture for the Gliders, but they only drop to 2-1, tied with the Commanders for second in the division.

Tennis Central teams have a lock on the top spots at 12U Adv. The Deuce Destroyers faced the Rally Raptors this past weekend, when the Destroyers improved to 3-1 on the season and secured second place at the midpoint, behind Smashinators.

Bohan Jin met Max Mackoul in the top singles spot and the closest match of the tie. The Destroyer came out on top after a 6-4 second set.

For the now 4-0 Smashinators, Siena Auzoux won 7-5, 5-3 to claim second singles, while the doubles pairing of Shiloh Auzoux and Ethan Massay closed out the second set 6-4 to defeat fourth-place QO Bears.

Titans maintained their championship position at 12U Rookie as Rhett Dove blanked her Team Plex opponent. 

At 14U Int, Ace Avengers took on top seed Lakewood, when Jonah Gluck at singles and the doubles pairing of Emmy Serchuk and Jordan Kanski kept within reach before falling in identical scores, 6-2, 6-3.

Slice Slingers won the civil war with Net Ninjas thanks to Raza Kandel's 7-2 first set tiebreak clincher before running out the clock.

This upcoming weekend many of the teams have byes, in what's come to be known as the Super Bowl Bye weekend, essentially the halftime show for WTT.

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