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Four championship teams celebrate!

Winter Travel Team 2024 - Week 10 Recap

Standings (click to view):

Four Tennis Central teams won the Montgomery County championship from eight overall divisions!

The 18U Int and 12U Adv pennant races went down to dramatic finishes, with Topspin Titans and Smashinators emerging on top of their classes!

Plus, Match Mavericks held a firm grasp on the 14U Adv crown and converted it this weekend.

Tennis Titans had already clinched the 12U Rookie title last week behind the headline performance of Rhett Dove.

18U Int fireworks

Ashton Ejtemai and Ariana Ipakchi needed a team win and help from the Net Ninjas, as the Topspin Titans headed into the final weekend even with Fink in the standings.

The two Titans standouts won over the Slice Slingers and awaited the results of Fink v Ninjas. There, Christopher Morris impressed at first singles to win 6-2, 6-3. Fink won the overall tie 2-1, but it may have been enough.

The Titans and Fink share the 8-1 best record in the division, with Titans holding the total points tiebreak at 126 points.

Mavs fulfill their destiny

The 14U top division champions left no doubt after three weeks of almost certainty there would be a coronation. Now the plans are in earnest.

Alexander Yu and Tiago Eozenou both won in the singles positions to blank their closest competitors, the Grand Slam Gliders, to finally win the championship.

But that wasn't all. There was still an unbeaten season to shoot for. Mavs capped the perfecto with Eozenou's stellar second-set tiebreak victory, 7-4, against the QO Bears.

The Gliders bounced back to end their season in winning style over the Vipers. Two wins from Zander Abramson and Julian Rinaldi ensured the Gliders' second place finish in the league.

Glory to the Smashinators

As the Deuce Destroyers prepared for their clash with the Rally Raptors last Sunday, they watched on the edge of their seat for Saturday's results to hit the ticker.

They needed QO Bears to unseat the Smashinators, and then to win themselves, in order to share the title.

But Smashinators' Siena Auzoux and the doubles team of Ethan Massey and Lara Dabney gave them the two points they needed to win and claim sole possession of the championship. Massey and Dabney navigated a 6-2, 6-4 nailbiter to clinch it.

It rendered the championship out of reach for the Destroyers but hardly the match a dead rubber. They needed to win to keep the distance ahead of Hot Shots and earn the silver medal.

They did so as Razi Dinan edged Max Mackoul 7-5, 6-2 and joined their Smashinators rivals on the podium. 

Shared silver in the premier league

Set Point Strikers and Court Crushers both finished 6-3 and tied for second place in the county's premier league. BTA All-Stars took the crown with an unbeaten season as Crushers wrapped the year grabbing the doubles point from the champions. Robert Dorros and Solomon Ravitz won for the Crushers last week.

Strikers were oh-so-close to staking their claim to the silver medal alone. Facing Aces, Hazel Fontenot won in two close sets, and Sloan Quint was moments from closing out the second set after dropping the first. But time ran out, giving Aces the win.

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