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Gong fends off hard-charging Roush

Blue Glove Open: Week 14

David Gong went the distance with Asher Roush, 6-5, for his third win of the season and bringing him within a game of a Group C finals spot to earn him Player of the Week honors.

Roush played up and has had great success poaching opponents from his 0-2 position in Group D that doesn't truly reflect his ability.

Ray Zhang won the anticipated clash with Bora Barclay, 8-3, in Group A to improve to 3-0 on the season. Jeremy Chud, an 8-5 winner over Mack Fisher, still stills in the catbird seat with JT Mathura hot on his trail.

A tight match between Group A and B opponents, Yael Lan kept Jack Mearns from consecutive wins, 7-5. Mearns had won the tightest match of the weekend, 8-7, the night before against Kiran Mathura. Both Yael and Kali Mathura's wins over Mearns this weekend bring them within one game of Renata Cavallo and Tomas Mulita, all trailing peloton leader Solomon Ravitz with so few weeks left to play.

Join us for our race to WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND when the Group Finals will be played. Continue the journey through the winter with our outdoor BGO matches, Bethesda CC indoor training and matches, and our BGO-fueled Travel Team Plus!

BGO Power Rankings - March 10, 2022

Currently registered players among the overall top 50 only.

BGO Winter Group Standings - March 10, 2022

Top two from each group automatically qualify for group final.

Players are ranked by points (three for win, one for draw), then wins, percentage of games won, and games won.

Game scores are not included for wins by higher group players against lower group players.

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