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Nadikatla doubles as Schultz, Bright win majors


6/18 - 14U - USTA Level 6 (200 points)

6/18 - 18U - USTA Level 6 (200 points)

6/19 - 12U - USTA

Arnav Nadikatla took home a second consecutive 12U tournament by winning Group A and just edging out Group B champion Sarafina Kisanga for the overall title by way of game difference.

Meanwhile, 14U and 18U tours held major tournaments, with newcomers Joshua Bright and Bradley Schultz winning the major titles, where best 2-of-3-set matches are played over at least two days.

The next major of the season will be for the 12U and 16U tours on July 30-31.

Leo Berger keeps his perch atop the 10U rankings with additional points from his bronze medal performance at the higher 12U level. Major champions Schultz and Bright shoot to the top of their 14U and 18U tours, respectively, taking over from Jeremy Chud and Patrick Barry, the latter of whom took home 50 points in a quarterfinal appearance this weekend.

Nadikatla has a stranglehold on the 12U pole position after a string of victories and is expected to challenge the UTR tournament participants this weekend.

The full tables now look like this.

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2022 Full Series Schedule




June 26 - USTA L7 Boys' and Girls' 16 Singles


July 23 - UTR Tournament 18U

July 24 - UTR Tournament 10U

July 30-31 - USTA L6 Boys' and Girls' 12 Singles

July 30-31 - USTA L6 Boys' and Girls' 16 Singles


August 13-14 - USTA L7 TBD

August 20-21 - USTA L6 Boys' and Girls' 16 Singles

August 27 - UTR Tournament 10U

August 28 - USTA L7 Boys' and Girls 16 Singles

August 28 - USTA L7 Boys' and Girls 18 Singles



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