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Tennis Titans clinch championship!

Winter Travel Team 2024 - Week 9 Recap

Standings (click to view):

Rhett Dove won her singles match and in so doing won the Montgomery County 12U Rookie championship for the Tennis Titans! 

The Match Mavericks at 14U Adv have all but clinched, and the 12U Adv Smashinators remain neck and neck with the Deuce Destroyers. 

Meanwhile the 18U Int pennant race will go to the wire, with TC Net Ninjas having the opportunity to give TC Topspin Titans an assist.

And the Tornadoes fought valiantly, especially Zoe Cana, eventually losing 3-0 in their potential title bout with Team Plex. 

Dove shines for title-winning Titans

A win would clinch the championship for the Titans last week against Team Plex, and that's what they got from Rhett Dove.

She won 6-1, 6-1 over Emma Azarm, placing the Titans at 5-2 and first place at 12U Rookie.

Mavs three up with three left for Gliders

It took a strong performance against a fellow TC team to get the Mavs their seventh win and push them almost beyond reach of any 14U Adv opponent.

Tiago Eozenou won at first singles, while Jake Snow and Deniz Ozenci clinched at doubles, 6-2, 6-2, against the Volley Vipers.

The Grand Slam Gliders were scheduled to face the Court Commanders. A loss here or in any of their remaining ties, or a Mavs win in their remaining doubleheader weekend, would finish it off officially. 

A potential friendly assist

Just like an old National League race for the flag, Fink and Topspin Titans will duke it out---in different cities. 

Both are 7-1 but face different opposition this weekend. Titans received a default win from the Bears last week to set up this final showdown, where they'll have to deal with the Slice Slingers.

Fink faces none other than the TC Net Ninjas, who are fighting for fourth place and with a win would propel their TC friends o the championship.

Smashinators and Destroyers duel

The Smashinators went 7-1, just a nose ahead of the Deuce Destroyers, who improved to 7-2.

Razi Dinan delivered to keep Destroyers alive for a championship, winning 7-5, 6-2 in the only singles match against the Raptors.

But Smashinators won on the strength of Ethan Massey and Lara Dabney at doubles, prevailing in a tense second set.

Pending the 1-1 tie decision on Feb 10, when they faced Hot Shots, the Smashinators look in pole position for the title.

Tornadoes' epic showdown

The Tornadoes at 10U Rookie fought for the title against Team Plex A but lost 3-0.

Zoe Cana proved difficult to overcome at 6-4, 6-1.

Their hopes are still alive if they can defeat Team Plex B this weekend. If Team Plex A loses also, the championship would come down to tiebreakers.

Two thirds of the podium

18U Adv Tennis Central Teams swept the second, third, and fourth spots behind champions BTA. 

Serve Savages, led by Jack Mearns at singles and Solomon Ravitz and Austin Medina at doubles, defeated MN18U to secure fourth place. 

Both the Court Crushers and Set Point Strikers held chances to win silver. But both lost to BTA and Aces, respectively, to cement the previous week's standings for all time. The Crushers take second, one game ahead of their rivals.

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