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The Home of Blue Glove Open

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

UTR Flexible League

For players and parents who:

  • Can't wait around all day at a tournament

  • Want to increase that UTR

  • Improve with on-court coaching from pros

  • Need flexible scheduling each weekend

  • Learn from immediate written match notes

  • Tailor opponents to your skill level

  • Desire the championship

We've designed a flexible league based on what you need most, and it's back for the Fall Season starting September 24. These are one-hour, timed UTR matches with tailored opponents for your skill set. Plus, compete among your closest competitors to make it to Championship Weekend in November.

Tell us when you're available each week, and we set you up. No one brings the championship drama and eliminates the scheduling drama like Tennis Central.


  • One-hour timed match

  • UTR results

  • In-match coaching from top players and coaches

  • Immediate written notes to incorporate into your next lessons

  • Flexible scheduling each week

  • Matchmaking based on skill level

  • League play with The Race to Championship Weekend

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