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The initial UTR-grouped tourneys


10/15 UTR 18U

10/16 UTR 14U

Twenty players vied for, for the first time, two UTR 14U championships in one weekend. The day before, eight players competed in two separate UTR groups for the 18U titles as well. It was the first time players were put into groups based on UTR.

The change didn't affect the overall finish: No change from last week. Benjamin Kaufman took maximum points with his spirited performance on Saturday morning for his second tour victory in a row, topping Group A without losing a set.

The Group A Final at the 14U on Sunday did not fail to entertain, either. Braden Walter went the distance and took a 10-7 match tiebreak from Abhinav Kandregula to earn his first Sweet Spotter Series title.

Meanwhile, Yasmin Farahi defeated Nate Nilubol in commanding fashion in the Group B Final for 14U.

Perhaps the most interesting occurrence over the weekend was the decisive factor in the 18U Group B. Usually set and game difference decide the group winner when players are tied on wins.

But with AJ Mangin winning a match due to default, the typical fair comparisons could not be made. Instead, the next criterion on the list is the head-to-head matchup, which Kiran Mathura won in a second-set tiebreak to take the Group B title.

The higher-seeded groups offered the usual, main prize of 80 points, but gains would be realized for the second group as well, with the champion taking 30-50 points in a much larger haul than customary for the lower-ranked players.

"Given the time constraints especially in the evening as winter approaches, we didn't want players to wait to play matches against other similar players," Series director of competition Michael Augsberger said. "It's also a response to those who really want the Verified UTR scores. In order to get it all in, we need to play fewer matches, and grouping the players this way allows for it."

The full tables now look like this.

Each weekend until Thanksgiving, Tennis Central is bringing you USTA and UTR tournaments at Holton-Arms School. Earn points for advancing through each round, just like on the pro tours, and qualify for the TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP at season's end.

Bigger events offer more points, with the TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP offering the most, as well as prizes.

Check here for updates each week to the Sweet Spotter Series Rankings, a 52-week points system based on the pro tours, as well as recaps of all the action and photos.

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