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What a finish for Set Point Strikers

Winter Travel Team 2024 - Week 5 Recap

Standings (click to view):

It was like a great musical with somehow an even better finale. Set Point Strikers finished an enthralling drama to change the trajectory of 18U Adv with their 11-9 tiebreak doubles win over Court Crushers.

Solomon Ravitz and Sloan Quint came back in the second set to force the match tiebreak. Their teammate Ilan Faraci also nabbed a first set tiebreak against William Green and bunkered down despite Green's 4-2 lead in the second set.

The win improves the Strikers to 3-1, within reach of the 5-0 BTA All-Stars in first place.

At 3-2 and having suffered two incredibly close losses, Court Crushers will now need help if they want to challenge for the title, but it is still very conceivable.

At the top of the 12U Adv standings, both the Deuce Destroyers and Smashinators at press time were locked in ties with their opponents from last weekend. The big winner was Bohan Jin, who grabbed a singles point for the destroyers.

Razi Dinan and Ethan Massey strove within one point of deciding the win for destroyers outright. Their match tiebreak at doubles went against them 6-5.

After the draws, it leaves Smashinators in first place at 4-0, with the 3-1 Destroyers just a game back.

In a battle that will go a long way in deciding the 12U Rookie title, the Titans and Hitting Hulks halved the points, with Everett Xue and Yasmine Maalouf notching decisive victories for their teams. The 3-0 Titans still lead the division. The Hulks, at 1-1, sit in second place.

At 10U Rookie a Tennis Central team has emerged to challenge for the crown. The Tennis Tornadoes swept the Racquet Rascals for a stronghold on second place in the division. Ariana Hornberger, Gigi Rossi, and Zoe Cana each had convincing wins.

They'll play division leaders Team Plex A again on March 10 to try to avenge their only loss of the season that went down to a tiebreak involving Oliver Ju-En Lin at first singles and a default at another spot. All could hinge in this pivotal rematch, and the Tornadoes will approach it confidently.

Topspin Titans went 3-1 as well to land just behind the 3-0 Smash at the top of 18U Int. The Titans blanked Net Ninjas with two close wins in singles by Ariana Ipakchi and Parsa Seirafi. 

Match Mavericks retained their hold on pole position at 14U Adv; the entire division had the bye for Super Bowl weekend. And at 14U Int, Ace Avengers were able to get a point on the board thanks to a default.

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