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Yann: What is Pre-Puberty Mastery?

Yann's Series on Tennis Pre-Puberty Mastery

Episode 1: Crafting the Muscles

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is for a child to learn a language? Learning tennis is the same way.

It's what I call Pre-Puberty Mastery, or PPM.

There is a finite period in a child's life where learning the game produces maximum results. This is due to a lot of factors: neurological, social, physiological, psychological, and more.

That's why almost all varsity players and virtually all varsity singles players started seriously training before puberty.That's also why at Tennis Central one of our main focuses is on adapting our pedagogy based on where along the PPM timeline a player is. All of our coaches are PPM certified.

The way that you teach a 10-year-old, who still has time to naturally master every stroke, has to be much different from how you coach a 16-year-old, who needs to find a weapon to develop his or her game around. 

In this series, we'll explore one particular of the myriad reasons why you need to master the game before puberty. And if your child hasn't, it's not too late – if his or her coaches understand how to attack making up for the lost time.

PPM Reason 1: Crafting the Muscles

Players who learn the game before their body changes dramatically develop a more natural stroke. But they also develop their muscles particularly for the sport of tennis.

That creates a virtuous circle. Once puberty hits, the high-performance player can catapult into a body meant for high performance tennis.

Plus they have the strokes to complement the newfound power.

Not only that, but the base level of fitness required for the height of today's game is a foundation that must be laid down for many many years. It takes starting before the age of 13 or so.

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