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Finals set amid vacations

Blue Glove Open: Spring 2023, Week 13

Sayaka Snider earns Player of the Week for grabbing win number one and sixth place along with it in the Group D standings as we head into Championship Weekend. Snider defeated Julia Ross 8-5

Ross, last week's top player, had maneuvered into a surprising bid for the finals spot with her 6-5 win. But Snider and then the rain washed away her dreams to qualify, which she might have still done if not for Sunday's downpour that canceled her rematch with Zaki Rajkumar.

As it is, Rajkumar will play the final---group leader Annie Lippard may well get her chance to tangle with the second-place Shiloh Auzoux or with Rajkumar if he's victorious, but it will have to wait until after vacations bring back a number of players this summer. Third-ranked Rajkumar at 2-1 steps into 2-0 Lippard's spot for this weekend.

All other players who've qualified for the final outright are away on vacation. The only difference is that in the top groups, even the next-qualified stars are taking their beauty rest.

Group A

Ilan Faraci v Daphne Dunlap, tbd

(Serena Provinse and Alvaro Orlove, runners up)

The clash of titans has seen one dress rehearsal, a 7-6 thriller that went Faraci's way on June 10. Everyone is excited to see the repeat of a tense drama. It will take monumental effort to pull out the win again, or for Dunlap to overcome the past.

Group C

Lara Isler v Ted Wang, tbd

(Cornelia Touw, Paisley Fromer runners-up)

Isler has been steady all season, playing the most often and accepting all challenges. She's 3-2-1 but vulnerable having won just under .500 of her games played. Wang may be able to capitalize.

Group D

Shiloh Auzoux v Zaki Rajkumar

(Annie Lippard tbd)

Auzoux's competitive sheen will prove valuable in this one. But newcomer Rajkumar has one dropped one match, to the much older Julia Ross.

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BGO Power Rankings - July 20, 2023

Top 15 - Currently registered players.

BGO Spring Group Standings - June 20, 2023

Top two from each group automatically qualify for group final.

Players are ranked by points (three for win, one for draw), then wins, percentage of games won, and games won.

Game scores are not included for wins by higher group players against lower group players.

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