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Isler plays two tight fights

Blue Glove Open: Spring 2023, Week 4

The Player of the Week award goes to Lara Isler, who may have the chance to double it for a rare distinction next week. Twice she battled to dramatic 8-6 finishes, winning one and falling just short in the other.

She eclipsed Ted Wang, who almost reached the final of her new Group C. On Friday evening, Andrew Liu fought for the close victory over Isler.

Coming up, she'll face Sidney Immergut for the Group D Final on Friday night in a rare spring primetime matchup. She's slated for a number of matches again, showing the potential that playing often can unlock.

Elsewhere, Devin Leung's victory placed him third in Group C, behind Parker Javdan and Paisley Fromer on winning percentage alone.

Meanwhile, in the Group D from which Isler was promoted last season, Zaki Rajkumar earned the first win of his nascent BGO career. He defeated another newcomer, Henrik Chilton, playing just his second match. Chilton will face Ariana Hornberger next week to look for his first win, as the young players new to competition get their feet wet.


Group D

Lara Isler v Sidney Immergut

7 pm, Friday, May 19

The Spring Season is underway! Join us on our RACE TO CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND when the Group Finals will be played. Continue the journey through the fall and winter with our outdoor and indoor BGO matches, our Travel Team, and the new USTA and UTR tour---the Tennis Central Junior Circuit.

Each weekend Tennis Central hosts two USTA or UTR tournaments. Earn points for reaching each successive round just like at the ATP/WTA Tour, and qualify for the season-ending TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP, all while earning USTA and UTR points too. If you love the BGO, you'll love the Tennis Central Junior Circuit.

Coming soon in 2023!

BGO Power Rankings - May 18, 2023

Top 15 - Currently registered players.

BGO Spring Group Standings - May 18, 2023

Top two from each group automatically qualify for group final.

Players are ranked by points (three for win, one for draw), then wins, percentage of games won, and games won.

Game scores are not included for wins by higher group players against lower group players.

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