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  • Yann Auzoux

Yann: Understanding the pressures our young players face

Yann's Series on Tennis Pre-Puberty Mastery

Episode 5: Social Commitments

Probably the most overlooked aspect of tennis coaching when it comes to training juniors is not what you'd expect. And that's why it's overlooked.

It's not shot selection or the mental game. In fact it's not even tennis related.

It's understanding the psyche of a young player. What motivates them, what pressures they're under, their love for the game and the lure of other interests.

Technique may be vital, but it's worthless if a coach doesn't understand your child's thoughts and feelings.

Ask any teacher. For an adult, stepping into the shoes of a student is so difficult. And it's totally different for an elementary kid than a high schooler.

Younger players naturally want to fit in. It's a challenge to stand out and perhaps train on their own. Parents also have more influence on their activities.

Without this understanding, things get messy. Every kid has the potential to be a tennis Ferrari. Without the right framework, once the bigger engine is placed, they won't have the discipline to lay down all that horsepower.

In my series on Pre-Puberty Mastery in tennis, we're covering some of the physical, social and psychological reasons why it's important to master the game before 13 or 14 years old.

And regardless of whether your child is still young enough, or has passed that point, we are here to help you set a ROADMAP TO SUCCESS.

That's also why at Tennis Central one of our main focuses is on adapting our pedagogy based on where along the PPM timeline a player is. All of our coaches are PPM certified.

If your child is younger, it's time to start roadmapping. Otherwise, it's not too late – if your child's coaches understand how to attack making up for the lost time.


PPM Reason 5: Social Commitments

Independence, friends, and pressures

It may seem like common sense, and it is. But coaches who are not PPM-certified often overlook the differences between older and younger kids.

It's critical to master the game before puberty because that's exactly the time when players start to become more independent in their social lives. If you haven't reached a certain level of ability by then, it's much harder to maintain the discipline to train when you could be out with friends. 

That's to say nothing of going out on dates.

The pressures of high school academics and life weigh heavily on older players. And they're more apt to compare themselves unfavorably to peers who have been playing the game for longer.

At Tennis Central, we also understand the minds of elementary aged players as well. You can't forget the anxieties that they can have too, as they can be hidden better.

Most prefer to play with friends and fit in. They bounce back from losing better, with minds quick to forget, but they can struggle with the initial demands of competing.

All of these various worries influence players. We as coaches free them from the stress when we can. Otherwise, we mitigate them.

They also distract players from the goals they've set. If you haven't set goals, you are wandering aimlessly. You need a coach to help you properly set your targets and march with you en route to achieving them in exponentially quick speed.

Schedule Your ROADMAP Call Now

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If you want to reach your goals in tennis, you need a roadmap to success. Schedule your ROADMAP Call with me, Yann Auzoux, CEO of Tennis Central.

It's about what YOU want in your tennis life.

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